Jim Lee!

I just finished putting together the first in a series of video casts for Infinite Crisis called, “ICDC”. This first episode features Jim Lee!


Good Robot

I’ve been spending some time lately learning Cinema 4D. It’s a fantastic program, and I am just starting to scratch the surface. Thanks to Greyscale Gorilla and Lynda.com for their great tutorials. This is an animation I made while learning the software. It’s fun. I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that everything looks nice in an infinite white room!


Recently I had the pleasure of creating a neat trailer for an amazing Iphone/Android app called “Quist”. Check it out!


National Novel Writing Month


My wife and I set out on November 1st this month to each write a 50,000 word novel. After thirty days and an average of 1,675 words per day, we both hit the goal.

“Dark Prairie” is a teen centered post apocalyptic novel that takes place during the American Civil War. What if a nefarious outer worldly force used this massive civil upheaval as a guise for their own destructive means?


I hope to start revising this spring and summer.