I am a versatile producer, director, and editor with more than ten years of experience in both production and post-production capacities. I’ve created documentaries, corporate training videos, music videos, web content, and narrative films for a variety of clients.SuperBen

My previous experiences include working on the second season of Time Warp, a Discovery Channel series, as well as Design Squad and Fizzy’s Lunch Lab, both WGBH(PBS) Productions.

Among other awards, my short film Life After Leukemia won Best Film, Director, and Editing at the 2005 Boston 48 Hour Film Project.

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I’m comfortable both leading a creative team and working independently, and my technical expertise is complemented by excellent interpersonal skills. On set, I direct and produce with confidence because I know what I’m looking for in the editing room, and because I spent part of my career as a digital imaging technician (DIT), managing media from cameras like the Sony EX1R and Red Camera as well as the high-speed Phantom and Photron cameras. Off-set, I am an AVID-certified editor who’s also worked extensively with Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite. I love being part of the creative process — whatever stage it’s in — and helping clients produce on-time, on-budget, and excellent work.

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