I directed, shot, and edited this video for Nine Inch Nails music video contest. The song is from the record “Ghosts I” which was released so that fans could use the music and interpret it in their own style.

When “The Charms” approached me to direct a video from their “Pussycat” record, they wanted something really raw and fun, and I was happy to deliver. We actually shot the video in the studio where they recorded the song.

I remember listening to this song over and over on my computer trying to decipher what exactly the song was about. The song to me showed a tremendous grey area in our society that rarely transforms itself into such a catchy pop song.  This video was initially released on and garnered over 40,000 views on Youtube in the first two days it was released.

When the Midnight Creeps were signed to Red Car Records, manager Steev Ricardo called me up wanting a gritty punk video.

After serving as the DIT, or Digital Imaging Technician, on this McFarland and Pecci video, I was asked to step in and edit the video.